Never miss your Favorite television series with us

Flamingo IPTV Mobile/Tablet app

Turn your Android device into a portable television! Enjoy live TV anywhere you go. No Cables, No Antennas. And Get access to 3000+ live Channels like ESPN, ABC, FS1, BTN and more so you can watch your favorite sports, entertainment, and news on iOS, Android or your Smart TV.

Disclaimer [This product is for the activation for your account (€20.00 one time payment)].
And the subscription of the mobile/tablet application that has 2 connections (watchable on 2 devices at the same time).

Flamingo TV Box + Subscription

The Flamingo TV android box can be used for much more then just watching live television using the app. It also has Youtube, Netflix, Skype, Google chrome browser, Zoiper (voice and video calling built in) as well as many more that can be added. The Flamingo TV application allows for 1 connection at a time.
[meaning only one device can be on the app at a time]

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