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 How do I apply for a Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®?

Applying for a debit card is easy. Please click here, visit one of our branches or local...

 What are the load limits of my Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®?

The Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®, as you receive it, is in stage 1. Upgrading the card to stage...

 What are the cost to load my Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®?

CARD LOAD FEE AT A FLAMINGO OR RESELLER OFFICE WORLDWIDE Cost € 10,00 per card load (€ 20 – €...

 What is the price of the Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®?

The price for the Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard® is €60. (Card only with $0 funds) When you place...

 Where can I use my Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®?

With your Flamingo Prepaid MasterCard®, you can pay virtually anywhere, and it gives you the...